Do’s and Don’ts – Need to Book an Appointment???

Booking an appointment? 

The following are a list of things to keep in mind when booking and attending your medical appointment.  Most physician appointments are 10-12mins per appointment.  In the best interest of time and efficiency, these items are intended to make for a more positive experience when visiting your physician.

  1.  Prescription refill appointments are intended to be quick – in and out.  Please have your prescription request ready.  IF you have additional reasons for needing to see your doctor, do not book a simple refill appointment.  Anything more than just a refill will not be addressed during this time.
  2. When booking your appointment, address reason for your appointment  – in generalities if needed.  This assists the physician in preparing for your visit.
  3. FORMS – need forms completed?  Identify this at time of arrival.  IF you have the forms in advance of your appointment, get them dropped off so your doctor has a chance to review and better prepare to complete it so that you can walk out with it rather than need to come back to pick it up.
  4. Please address your most important issues first.  IF there is time remaining feel free to address additional issues.
  5. Family physician visit vs Walk In physician visit:
    1. FAMILY PHYSICIAN – first choice as your family physician has your medical history, a walk in doctor is less able to provide accuracy and more likely to turn you away
      1. FORMS 
      2. PRESCRIPTION REFILLS  – often a walk in physician will only give you one refill with no repeats and require you to see your family physician for next refill
      3. REFERRALS
    2. WALK IN
      1. Wart Treatments
      2. Cough / Cold
      3. Need to see a doctor and your physician is away