Our Medical Professionals

Our team of highly trained professionals is ready to help you!  No appointment is necessary … first come first served!

Policies do exist however for Priority Patients.  Please see Patient Initiatives for more information on priority service.

Visiting & Locum Doctors
  • Dr. Basil Al-Saigh (Toronto, ON)
  • Dr. Rob Horner (Vancouver, BC)
  • Dr. Joy Igbinovia (Toronto, ON)
  • Dr. Charles Wambulwa (Sarnia, ON)

Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic Doctors
  • Dr. Aivars Rudovics
  • Dr. Ali Vaseghi
  • Dr. James Coruzzi
  • Dr. Johannes Swart
  • Dr. Uche Nwadike
  • Dr. Youssef Al-Begamy

Family Doctors
  • Dr. M. Moolla

Female Family Doctors
  • Dr. Bharathi Chadive

Specialist Doctors
  • Dr. O. Potok (accepting new patients – by referral ONLY)
  • Dr. C. Talukdar (accepting new patients)

Doctor 2.2016-01-01
Doctor 3.2016-01-01