Obtaining Results from your File

The clinic respects that the information in your file does belong to you.  APPHC is the keeper of that information and such, if at anytime there is information you would like to receive please discuss that with the physician following up on those lab/diagnostic/specialist results.  We prefer the process go through the physician so that we are aware that you have received medical follow up and do not take the results and misinterpret any findings.  Legally we are required to have the patient sign a waiver releasing the clinic and doctor of any confidentiality breech should those results be seen once leaving the clinic. 

Any and all outbursts directed at clinic staff will be treated as verbal and or possible physical abuse and will absolutely NOT be tolerated.  You may be asked to leave, escorted out, or authorities may need to be called in. 

We ask that you respect the reception and physician team when they request the waiver be signed.