Our Medical Professionals

Our team of highly trained professionals is ready to help you!  No appointment is necessary ... first come first served!

Policies do exist however for Priority Patients.  Please see Patient Initiatives for more information on priority service.

Visiting & Locum Doctors

  • Dr. Basil Al-Saigh (Toronto, ON)
  • Dr. Charles Wambulwa (Sarnia, ON)
  • Dr. Ravinder Likhari (British Columbia)

Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic Doctors

  • Dr. Aivars Rudovics
  • Dr. Ali Vaseghi
  • Dr. Alwyn Fourie
  • Dr. Efosa Igbinovia
  • Dr. Jaco Slabbert
  • Dr. James Coruzzi
  • Dr. Johannes Swart
  • Dr. Joy Igbinovia
  • Dr. Michele Jagga
  • Dr. Rob Horner

Family Doctors

  • Dr. E. Leung
  • Dr. F. Osuagwu
  • Dr. M. Moolla (accepting new patients that DO NOT already have a family doctor - must come as a walk-in and discuss with the doctor)

Female Family Doctors

  • Dr. Bharathi Chadive
  • Dr. Ekwutoziam Ajogbe

Specialist Doctors

  • Dr. O. Potok (accepting new patients - by referral ONLY)

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Doctor 3.2016-01-01