Guidelines to Uninsured Medical Services and Associated Costs

The Ministry of Health does not pay for some medical services which you may require.  In keeping with the recommendations of the Saskatchewan Medical Association, the following fee guidelines will be used by doctors working at this centre.  Please note that each doctor reserves the right to charge a fee that is different than the recommended fees below.  Unfortunately, we regret that we have to surcharge this payment onto you.

Notices for Illness / School / Return to Work $20
Completion of Basic Form Physical (For Camp, Fitness Club, Work School) $35
Driver Licence Physical
Form Only
General Assessment $150
TB Test – Administration of Test $40
TB Test – Reading of Test and Completion of Form $20
Travel Vaccine Injection Only $30
Other Uninsured Injections Only $30
Pre-Employment Exam $150
Pre-Employment Form $50
Out Of Province/Country Exam $75
Photocopy/File Transfer/Medical Records for Third Party

  • 1-5 ages
  • 6-10 pages
  • 11-15 pages
  • every 5 pages thereafter

  • $30
  • $40
  • $50
  • $10
Expired Health Card $75