Third-Party Payments

At the discretion of some of our doctors, you may be asked to pay a specified fee for any sick notes or other paperwork that needs to be completed.  This fee is set by each physician, and the staff at the front desk can advise you of any costs that may be incurred.

We advise you to ask the staff prior to getting any such paperwork – or sick notes – completed by the physician on duty, so that there is no misunderstanding at the end of your visit.

WCB:  Please stick to the SAME doctor for all appointments once a WCB claim has been started.  The follow-up for your treatment and care are of the utmost importance to us!  It is also recommended you see your family doctor if possible.

For ALL REFERRALS / WORK MEDICALS / SGI MEDICALS / SCHOOL PHYSICALS where medical history is required, do NOT just come to a walk in doctor.  They do NOT have your past medical history and that information is always required.  Please see your family doctor for all these form requirements.